Meet Pastor Mary

Pastor Mary is the Lead Pastor of the Dream Center. She organizes the day to day operations of the Dream Center, along with preaching Sundays and teaching Bible Studies.

Pastor Mary was raised in Northern Michigan and moved to Bay City with her family in 2005. A mother of 4, she now lives in Essexville with her husband Todd (dentist, guitar player, wonderful husband, amazing father, and huge supporter of Mary’s volunteer efforts) and their children. Mary has a passion for helping those in need and in 2010 she began organizing the Amazing Race for Rescue event to benefit the Good Samaritan Rescue Mission. By 2013, she realized that the community needed more of an outreach to help people with transition periods in their lives, and formed a 501c3 organization called HELPeople, INC (Heal, Educate, Love on People). The main goal being to create a Dream Center to help fill in the gaps between already established outreach programs.

Pastor Mary has studied Child Development, Biblical Studies, Leadership, and Counseling (which she is currently pursuing further towards a BA in Christian Counseling). An ordained pastor who preaches the gospel, Mary is also known as a pro-life speaker, as well as teaching a variety of classes. Her greatest desire is to help Christians learn how to live their lives to the fullest and out of their abundance help those in need.

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